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Dunn and Gunns: The Spiritual Pathology of the Violent Imagnination

Dunn and Gunns: The Spiritual Pathology of the Violent Imagnination

My latest piece for Liberal America


5 responses to “Dunn and Gunns: The Spiritual Pathology of the Violent Imagnination

  1. I find it interesting so many people are just now discussing the issue of violence in reaction to ‘disrespect’.

    As if thousands of gang shootings didn’t register but one white guy being dissed did.

    For decades, the media has ignored outbreaks of gang/drug related violence because someone sold on a street corner claimed by someone else.
    But Zimmerman getting his head bashed in by an experienced streetfighter — well, that is news and we need to talk about Stand Your Ground laws.

    Isn’t there a lot of hypocrisy going on in the way this “loud music case” is being covered?

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS

  2. “Zimmerman being bashed by an experienced streetfighter?” An unarmed kid returning to his Dad’s house being followed by an armed man dying to use his gun, and THAT’s how you characterize their encounter? (Why do I know Zimmerman was dying to use his gun? Because he’s threatened his girlfriends with it three times since the case.)
    “If it bleeds it leads” has been the scourge of local news coverage for years. It has convinced white suburbia that any minute these “animals” and “thugs” are coming for them, so they better get guns. It’s true that the media doesn’t cover their individual deaths much, (that’s because poor young black men are basically interchangeable to them) but as a general condition it is covered nightly–stoking fear is great for ratings. Ask your average Michael Dunn what the black-on-white murder rate is, and they will give you unimaginably inflated numbers.
    Zimmerman got off. Davis’ car got more justice than Davis. Despite the perception, the vast majority of black men who murder end up in prison — we have the highest rate of incarceration in the world, and it is 50% black. (Your ilk seems convinced most get away with it.) Thousands are innocent, few (but thanks to DNA, more) are ever exonerated. And the one time there’s a clear cut justification for “Stand Your Ground” – Marissa Alexander firing a warning shot at her husband-A WARNING SHOT – she gets 20 years.
    The law legalizes lynching. And if you want an entire TV channel to defend it, just watch Fox.

    • Wow…let’s count the errors in your opening statement
      1. Returning — how long does it take to “return” to the house from a 10 minute trip to the store. 30 Minutes elapsed from the time of his purchase to when Zimmerman observed Martin in front of a recently burglarized townhome.
      That’s one’s mixed — inaccurate but not outright wrong.

      2. “Dad’s house” — It wasn’t his Dad’s house. It was the house of his Dad’s Girlfriend. Martin had been sent away from his home and his Dad was staying the weekend with his girlfriend.

      3. “followed” — by the account of Zimmerman (verified by voice stress analysis), the 911 tape and even the Prosecution’s Star Witness Rachel Jeantel — Martin had eluded Zimmerman and Zimmerman was returning to his car.
      Martin — at the time Zimmerman lost sight of him — was only 210 feet from the town home he was staying in. Martin had 4 minutes to “return” to the town home without Zimmerman seeing him. Why didn’t he?
      Perhaps he wasn’t ‘returning’ to his home at all. See #1

      4. Unarmed — as if that makes a real difference when it comes to disparity of force. Again — the evidence (as opposed to someone’s opinion) shows that Martin sucker punched Zimmerman, was on top of him (again verified by witness and forensic) and was pummeling him.

      So yes, that is the way I characterize it. YOUR characterization seems to be revisionist history — Zimmerman has to be guilty, look at the way he’s acted after all this.

      While completely ignoring Martin’s history and actions. The “skittles and ice tea” (actually Arizona Watermelon drink) are two components of a street drug called Lean or drank. Martin’s own cell phone shows he is familiar with making and using that street drug. A drug known to increase paranoia.
      Also ignored is Martin’s proclivity towards violence — texts about taking a swing at the bus driver, fighting — wanting to fight a guy again because he didn’t bleed enough.

      Oh yes…poor Trayvon was picked on by Zimmerman – never mind the fact that Martin was caught with jewelry that didn’t belong to him (school suspension #2 I believe) and burglary tools — Hey Maybe, Just MAYBE Zimmerman recognized what Martin was up to?

      But you want to ignore all the evidence, right?

      Marissa Alexander firing a warning shot at her husband-A WARNING SHOT – she gets 20 years.</i?

      Wow…talk about messed up — You blame Dunn and Zimmerman but want to let this lady off?

      She left the scene of the fight, came back (stand your ground eh?????) and then without any evidence of additional violence or threats fired a shot!
      That is a crime and she was rightfully convicted. In my opinion, just like Dunn will be.

  3. I only approved your comment because the right of free speech extends to the comments section of my blog, but that is the most ridiculous series of assertions I’ve ever read. The willingness to demonize Trayvon Martin– extending to the unbelievably contrived assertion that he bought skittles and ice tea to make a street drug — why don’t you just go ahead and use the n-word? Trayvon wasn’t up to anything. Zimmerman had no cause to follow him-the police TOLD him not to. It was a pointless, useless death foisted on a perfectly normal kid by a man who has proven himself to be a gun-obsessed sociopath.
    My assertion about Marissa was to point out that Stand Your Ground law is almost always used against the black person–whether they are the shooter or the shot. It is a bad law, unequally applied, invented for the purpose of gunowners to be able to indulge in their manly Wild West fantasies.
    I’ve been around the blogging block with rightwingers long enough to know that you will try to tenaciously argue this to death. Spare us both the effort. i will not approve subsequent comments.

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